Rachel Hile Founder

Rachel Hile, Founder / Executive Director

Rachel's heart is to serve others. With her love for her career as a hairstylist she has the perfect combination that led her to co-found The Beyond Project. As a seasoned hairstylist of 10 years she understands the self esteem that comes from her clients walking out feeling their absolute best. She has desired to share this feeling with her community that may be in dire need of these uplifting services since she graduated from of cosmetology school.


Gabbi Pascua

Los Angeles, Ca.

Professional Makeup Artist

Meet Gabrielle Pascua aka Gabbi, a SF Bay Area native, who seeks out beauty in every aspect of life. Growing up as a dancer, Gabbi was always drawn to the backstage glamour and she turned this curiosity into her career by moving to Los Angeles and pursuing her dreams as a makeup artist. Working so closely to inspiring and aspirational women in her career led Gabbi to her own philanthropic pursuits.

RK Cobban

Marketing Guru

RK was born and raised in Alaska, he moved to Seattle to attend the Art Institute and landed his dream job working for the Seattle Sonics. The next opportunity came in 2005 at Pro Sports Club, where he grew his love for graphic design and passion for print design, logos, apparel design, editing and packaging design. He says "it has always been very important to me to give back using my God given gifts for projects that serve others." His wife, Rachel, has a special connection with Rachel Hile. Several years back, Rk's wife's foster daughter, at the time, was in need of some special love and attention. She brought her to Rachel Hile's salon and received a transformational cut and style which changed her outlook and softened her heart. When RK met his wife several years later, she shared this story and he was moved to help out however he was able with The Beyond Project. We recently moved to Portland, working remotely for Pro Sports Club and freelancing with clients where he provides personalized attention and excellent results. Rk feels honored to be involved with The Beyond Project and all the amazing work they do to Inspire Change and Empower Lives.

Shelby Barnes

Strategy Officer

Shelby is a Music Reporting Manager at Amazon Video who made her way out to Seattle from the East Coast after graduating from undergrad in North Carolina. She studied Economics and International Business, focusing on the impact of women in developing economies, and then followed her heart out to the West Coast in order to gain experience in the corporate world with hopes of eventually starting her own businesses. Shelby's background and job provides her with the skills needed to help The Beyond Project grow and help create brand recognition. She works diligently to strategize each month and week to continue to raise awareness and grow all the social media platforms for The Beyond Project. Shelby's passion is helping people discover their dreams and realize their potential, this is apparent when she is on site at our projects listening to the stories of the individuals we work with in our communities and sharing them with others who are interested in becoming involved. One of Shelby's deepest desires is to make

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