Girls are BRAVE

Did you know May is National Foster Care Month?   Last week, we had the greatest privilege of being apart of a movement called BRAVE which was started in Long Beach, California and has now come to Seattle. Empowering foster care girls by expressing how beautiful, valuable and worth it they are creates a lasting impact so they can feel BRAVE as they go through all the fears of life. It has the power to keep them from getting trapped in vulnerable situations such as abuse and human trafficking.   Imagine if you looked in the mirror and believed youContinue reading… Girls are BRAVE

New Horizons

Imagine if one day everything you had or owned was taken from you. Maybe this has happened to you before or maybe it never has. All of us left New Horizons last night in awe. We are constantly reminded of perspective. We live in a house, may have a car to drive to the job we have, get our nails done and hair done at a salon. Most of the youth we met are just hoping they can lay their head somewhere to sleep tonight. Did any of them want this life? Actually, when they sit in our chair theyContinue reading… New Horizons

The Beyond Project at Plymouth Housing

Yesterday was a fun day at Plymouth Housing!  We are so happy to partner with such a great organization that is housing people who have had medical problems, veterans, mental illness or other hard circumstances that have lead them to homelessness.  The work they do is unbelievable and if we can keep empowering their residents as they transition into a brighter future, then we will keep on doing it! We don’t always know what to expect when it comes to the attendance of the people we are going to serve at our Beyond Projects.  At times we have 50 peopleContinue reading… The Beyond Project at Plymouth Housing

The Beyond Project at Mercy Housing!

On Saturday April 22nd we partnered with Mercy Housing where there were about 20 different resources for low income families.  Some of these resources included dental work, mammograms, health care opportunities, activities for kids, and of course haircuts and nail painting from The Beyond Project! These families are in very low income situations and are having a hard time providing for their families.  Some are refugees from other countries, such as Erythria, Africa.  We are excited to partner alongside Mercy Housing’s vision: “Mercy Housing is working to create a more humane world where poverty is alleviated, communities are healthy andContinue reading… The Beyond Project at Mercy Housing!

Big Dream Gathering at Hope Place

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will not forget how you made them feel.”  Today was a special day for us along with 2 special ladies from Hope Place who shared their testimonies with The Beyond Project and The Big Dream Gathering.  The Big Dream Gathering creates events all over the country to inspire people to take action on their dreams.  They found The Beyond Project and asked if they could do an interview on the work that we do.  Once we looked them up we knew it was completely in alignmentContinue reading… Big Dream Gathering at Hope Place

United Way Community Resource Exchange- 2017

This was our 3rd year in a row partnering with United Way of King County Resource Exchange! With all the resources provided in total 1,125 guests were served, 1,700 shoes distributed, 100 dental procedures and last but not least 275 haircuts were provided by our Beyond Project team of hairstylist volunteers! Way to go! It’s amazing what happens at this event. The upbeat energy and positive environment that’s created makes each person feel welcomed. We realize as a person sits in our chair for a haircut that they are just like everyone else. They have a story just like weContinue reading… United Way Community Resource Exchange- 2017

Friends of Youth- Jan 10th 2017

A team of volunteers partnered with Friends of Youth to provide a self-care/spa day for their residents. Together we provided haircuts, nail services, waxing, an art project, and had food for their residents. It was such an intimate and beautiful time as they felt loved, cherished and beautiful! One of our volunteers got to share part of her story and connect with the residents in a powerful way and we are privileged to hear what she has to say below: “One thing I took away after our Beyond Project today is that it opened my eyes to see that real growthContinue reading… Friends of Youth- Jan 10th 2017

Marys Place- Dec 22nd 2016

During the holidays, The Beyond Project is especially understanding that this season can be the hardest for some individuals who may not have a home, family, or money to buy presents for their children. We wanted to make it extra special for those individuals by creating gift bags that included necessities such as tampons, soap, body lotion, and more. One group of our volunteers that came had also spent time gathering items and creating these blessing holiday bags. We are grateful for our volunteers that go above and beyond to Inspire Change & Empower Lives in our communities. We had theContinue reading… Marys Place- Dec 22nd 2016

Fashion & Freedom for Covenant House International- Dec 17 2016

The Beyond Project LA had the amazing opportunity to support another Los Angeles based non-profit,Freedom and Fashion at their REIGN charity fashion show. Freedom and Fashion is an organization that has created a 12 week fashion design program for the at risk youth, homeless teens and young adults at Covenant House International. The Covenant House is an organization that provides vital services to homeless, trafficked, abused, abandoned and exploited youth by creating their mission to help youth escape the streets. Freedom and Fashion uses their resources to produce events such as REIGN, to showcase fashion that is intended to beContinue reading… Fashion & Freedom for Covenant House International- Dec 17 2016

Millionair Club- Nov 15th 2016

As one of our awesome volunteers said so beautifully, “In a time when people are uncertain of what our future holds we have the ability to lift up and empower individuals from all walks of life! A little goes a long way and “just a haircut” can brighten people’s outlook on life.” We had the opportunity to cut hair at The Millionair Club Charity, an organization that specializes in helping people who are experiencing homelessness or other barriers to employment to become job ready! We loved being a part of their mission and playing a part in breaking down thoseContinue reading… Millionair Club- Nov 15th 2016