Halloween Party at New Horizons!

For the past 2 Halloween celebrations we have been invited to New Horizon’s costume party where the street youth of Seattle come to a safe place, have a warm meal, get to get their faces painted, sing karaoke and of course get haircuts by our awesome team of volunteer hairstylists. Julia, one of our lead volunteers shared about the evening: As soon as the youth started walking through the doors, it was full of fun, food and music. There is one guy that walks up to Julia every time and says, “Hey, I am signing up first for my haircut withContinue reading… Halloween Party at New Horizons!

Love Lebanon

In a world where there is so much chaos, hurt, destruction, racism, and natural disasters, we get so caught up in the negative of what people are not doing to fix or change anything about it.  Instead of focusing on what others are not doing or what they need to do, what if each of us took a step out of our box and did something-even a small action? September of 2017, a small team of us had an opportunity in Lebanon to take action on an issue that seems to be slowly forgotten about; the Syrian Refugee crisis. WhenContinue reading… Love Lebanon

Into the Sumner School District!

On August 21st, with 13 volunteers, we were able to bring confidence by giving haircuts to 75 children from The Sumner School District. The day was full of fun, laughs, energy and compassion. Kerry, one of the lead volunteers for the day shared about her experience while volunteering:   As Kerry was cutting a kids hair, she looked back to notice a man looking at her. When she said hello, he said “I like watching you do what you are doing”. He told her that one day while he was in the military, he was given a pair of clippers toContinue reading… Into the Sumner School District!

Care Day

Care Day is a day devoted to connecting neighbors in the Northshore area with immediate access to the services and resources they need.  Attendees enjoy a hot meal and have access to free health services, groceries, haircuts, housing, public benefits, referrals to employment training, and much more. As a community, in total there were 1,290 volunteers and were able to serve, 2857 guests! As a community, we were able to provide 4,000 meals, gave away 4915 bags of groceries and our Beyond Project team of 25 hairstylists provided 250 haircuts! How amazing of a day it was for hundreds ofContinue reading… Care Day

Mercy Multiplied

You know when you feel so much joy and life after a great weekend?  Well, that is exactly what happened to us after we spent a few days at Mercy Multiplied in Sacramento.  Mercy Multiplied is a nonprofit Christian organization dedicated to helping young women break free from life-controlling behaviors and situations, including eating disorders, self-harm, drug and alcohol addictions, unplanned pregnancy, depression, sexual abuse, and sex trafficking. We spent a few days alongside Freedom and Fashion, who is an incredible organization based out of Los Angeles that uses the arts of fashion and beauty to empower youth overcoming trafficking, homelessness, and other injustices.  As they putContinue reading… Mercy Multiplied

You Shine in Florida!

Who would have known that we would get to be apart of a very special transformational day in Florida! You Shine! Last Monday we were invited to a beautiful home of Mary Cornelison Bross who had a vision of doing a beauty day for women in hard circumstances so they feel loved and worthy! We found more beautiful individuals there with the same vision as we do with The Beyond Project. This day is all based off of nominations for women going through hard circumstances in life. Each woman that was hand picked first entered the home and had a chance to receiveContinue reading… You Shine in Florida!

Girls are BRAVE

Did you know May is National Foster Care Month?   Last week, we had the greatest privilege of being apart of a movement called BRAVE which was started in Long Beach, California and has now come to Seattle. Empowering foster care girls by expressing how beautiful, valuable and worth it they are creates a lasting impact so they can feel BRAVE as they go through all the fears of life. It has the power to keep them from getting trapped in vulnerable situations such as abuse and human trafficking.   Imagine if you looked in the mirror and believed youContinue reading… Girls are BRAVE

Loving the women at Mary’s Place

Every 3 months our team goes into Mary’s Place where we have the privilege to love on the ladies there by providing haircuts and nail painting services, (which end up to be more like life coaching services!) Each women has a different story and it’s inspiring to hear. One thing we realize is that many men and women on the streets or in programs are affected by mental health issues. We have a story below from one of our lead volunteers, Lydia, and her experience with one of the women who sat in her chairs a couple weeks ago. “AContinue reading… Loving the women at Mary’s Place

New Horizons

Imagine if one day everything you had or owned was taken from you. Maybe this has happened to you before or maybe it never has. All of us left New Horizons last night in awe. We are constantly reminded of perspective. We live in a house, may have a car to drive to the job we have, get our nails done and hair done at a salon. Most of the youth we met are just hoping they can lay their head somewhere to sleep tonight. Did any of them want this life? Actually, when they sit in our chair theyContinue reading… New Horizons

The Beyond Project at Plymouth Housing

Yesterday was a fun day at Plymouth Housing!  We are so happy to partner with such a great organization that is housing people who have had medical problems, veterans, mental illness or other hard circumstances that have lead them to homelessness.  The work they do is unbelievable and if we can keep empowering their residents as they transition into a brighter future, then we will keep on doing it! We don’t always know what to expect when it comes to the attendance of the people we are going to serve at our Beyond Projects.  At times we have 50 peopleContinue reading… The Beyond Project at Plymouth Housing